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Residential Houses

calling all landlords ...

lease to us!


give us your keys and we will manage it all! our portfolio is super diverse, from cute studios, luxury apartments, family homes and even hmo's and serviced accommodations! 

we like to keep it simple! we treat your property like it was our own. we have great tenants, who enjoy renting from us, we are hands-on and like to ensure our tenants are treated well so they stay!  


once you hand over the keys, it's ours to manage, we will guarantee your rent, keep it looking great and take care of the day-to-day management! 


we will look after your property, we might even give it a little spruce now and then just to keep it fresh and gorgeous! we will ensure it's marketed well and listed in the right places, to attract the best renters. all you need to do is trust us.

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